Determining and Understanding Global and Regional Climate Change

A new IBS symposium “2018 IBS Symposium - Determining and Understanding Global and Regional Climate Change” organized by Institute for Basic Science. It will be held on August 23 (Thu.), 2018 (13:15 - 17:40) at Int’l Conf. Rm. (B1F), M-Building, Pusan National University. There are five speakers including Kerry H. Cook (University of Texas at Austin), Silvia Frisia (University of Newcastle), Steven Sherwood (University of New South Wales), Adrian (ECMWF), and Dominik Fleitmann (University Reading).


  • Date: August 23, 2018 (13:15 - 17:40)
  • Venue: Int'l Conf. Rm. (B1F), M-Building, Pusan National University 
  • Organized: Institute for Basic Science 
  • Schedule
  • Time (min.) Speaker Title of Talk
    13:15~13:20 (5') Richard A. ANTHES (UCAR) Opening Remark
    13:20~14:00 (35'+5') Kerry H. COOK (University of Texas at Austin) Understaning Observed and Projected Climate Change over Africa
    14:00~14:40 (35'+5') Silvia FRISIA (University of Newcastle) Hydroclimate Changes in the South Pacific Reconstructed from Stalagmites: the Importance of Understanding the Accuracy of Proxy Data

    14:40~15:20 (35'+5')

    Steven SHERWOOD (University of New South Wales) Quantitative Assessment of Multiple Constraints on Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity 

    15:20~15:35 (15')

    15:35~16:15 (35'+5') Adrian SIMMONS (ECMWF) Data for Assessment of Recent Multi-decadal Climate Variability and Change: Progress of Reanalysis Activities in Europe
    16:15~16:55 (35'+5') Dominik FLEITMANN (University of Reading) The Asian Monsoon - Past, Present and Future

    16:55~17:35 (35'+5')

    Eelco ROHLING (Australian National University) A Last Interglacial Perspective on Future Rates of Sea-level Rise
    17:35~17:40 (5') Richard A. ANTHES (UCAR) Closing Remark

    * 35 min. presentation & 5 min. Q&A


Poster - 2018 IBS Symposium