Seminar Calendar

Dr. Thomas Kilpatrick Satellite observations of convection–wind coupling
Dr. Ji-Eun Kim Heating and Moistening of the MJO during DYNAMO in ECMWF Reforecasts
Prof. Fei-Fei Jin Basic Dynamics for Tropical Atmosphere and Ocean
Dr. Marcus Loefverstroem On the mutual interaction between atmosphere and ice over the last glacial cycle
Dr. Ken Takahashi Ocean-atmosphere energy and momentum fluxes
Dr. Ken Takahashi Tropical atmospheric response to SST
Dr. Dipayan Choudhury Drift correction of decadal experiments
Prof. Fei-Fei Jin Is La Nina coming?
Dr. Francois Primeau Inter-Annual Variability in the Ventilation of the Labrador Sea Inferred from Time-Series Measurements of CFC11 and CFC12
Dr. Francois Primeau Global Estimates of Marine Nitrogen Fixation based on a Non-Redfield Inverse Model
Prof. Fei-Fei Jin ENSO Theory - Part I
Dr. Eui-Seok Chung Aerosol-induced interhemispheric asymmetry in climate change
Dr. Fabian Schloesser Dynamics of the Leeuwin Current System
Dr. Andrey Ganopolski Modeling and understanding of Quaternary glacial cycles
Prof. Samuel Jaccard Covariation of deep Southern Ocean oxygenation and atmospheric CO2 through the last ice age
Dr. Keith Rodgers Mechanism sustaining carbon/ climate feedbacks under 21st century climate change investigated using GFDL’s Earth System Model ESM2M
Prof. Dominik Fleitmann Speleothems at the interface of climatology, ecology and archaeology
Dr. Sun-Seon Lee Dynamics-Oriented Diagnostics for the Madden–Julian Oscillation