Seminar by Prof. Dominik Fleitmann

Centre for Past Climate Change (CPCC), University of Reading, UK

Speleothems at the interface of climatology, ecology and archaeology

In 2006, Professor Gideon Henderson (Oxford University) stated that "For paleoclimate, the past two decades have been the age of the ice core. The next two may be the age of the speleothem". This rather bold statement suggests that speleothems (stalagmites, stalactites, and flowstones) have the potential to deliver ice-core-like records of past climatic and environmental changes. In his talk, Prof. Fleitmann will provide an overview of recent analytical advances in speleothem-based climatic and environmental reconstructions to demonstrate that "age of the speleothems" has indeed just begun.

Jasmine - Seminar Room (1010), 10th floor, M Building