Seminar by Prof. Juerg Luterbacher

New evidence on East Asian temperature and hydro-climatic variability over the past two millennia

Palaeoclimatic information provide fundamental means for the characterization of natural decadal to centennial time-scale changes and putting the recent anthropogenic warming in the long-term perspective. Here we present recent advancement in our physical and dynamical understanding of Asian summer temperature variations, trends and extremes over the past 2000 years.

Jasmine - Seminar Room (1010), 10th floor, M Building

Seminar by Dr. Fabian Schloesser

Impact of future Antarctic ice sheet discharge on Southern Hemisphere climate

Future Antarctic ice sheet (AIS) iceberg and meltwater discharge could substantially exceed present levels, even in projections with little AIS contribution to global sea level rise. Here, a coupled climate/iceberg model of intermediate complexity is used to explore the potential impact of AIS melting on future climate scenarios. The meltwater forcing causes a cooling concentrated in Southern Hemisphere (SH) mid and higher latitudes. This cooling increases with increasing forcing amplitude, however, the rate of cooling per unit forcing is reduced.

Jasmine - Seminar Room (1010), 10th floor, M Building

Seminar by Dr. Bronwyn Wake

Publishing in Nature journals - the insiders view

Ever wondered what the Nature journals look for publishing your work? In this seminar, Bronwyn Wake – Chief editor of Nature Climate Change – will explain all. She will discuss the differences between the various Nature Research journals, outline the criteria each of those apply when selecting papers to be sent to review, and provide an overview of the editorial process.

Jasmine - Seminar Room (1010), 10th floor, M Building

2018 Climate Science Public Lecture Series (3)

There is an upcoming public lecture hosted by the IBS Center for Climate Physics and Busan National Science Museum.

Dr. Malte Stuecker will give a lecture on El Nino titled "El Nino - the climate child of the Pacific" on September 8, 2018 (11:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM) at Busan National Science Museum Multimedia room (3F). 

This lecture is for middle and high school students. If you are interested in this public lecture, you can register via this link



A new IBS symposium “2018 IBS Symposium - Determining and Understanding Global and Regional Climate Change” organized by Institute for Basic Science. It will be held on August 23 (Thu.), 2018 (13:15 - 17:40) at Int’l Conf. Rm. (B1F), M-Building, Pusan National University. There are five speakers including Kerry H. Cook (University of Texas at Austin), Silvia Frisia (University of Newcastle), Steven Sherwood (University of New South Wales), Adrian (ECMWF), and Dominik Fleitmann (University Reading).