Seminar by Dr. Fabian Schloesser

Dynamics of the Leeuwin Current System

The coastal circulation off Western Australia differs from most other eastern boundary current systems in that its main current, the Leeuwin Current (LC) is directed southward towards the pole. In my presentation, I will discuss simple analytic models to explain the unique structure of the Leeuwin Current system. In these models, the poleward LC occurs because of interaction of the meridional surface density gradient in the Southern Indian Ocean with the continental slope.

Jasmine - Seminar Room (1010), 10th floor, M Building

Seminar by Dr. Andrey Ganopolski

Modeling and understanding of Quaternary glacial cycles

It is now generally accepted that, as postulated by the Milankovitch theory, Earth’s orbital variations represent the major forcing of Quaternary climate variability. However, the mechanism of glacial cycles still not fully understood. Among major scientific challenges remains the understanding of the strong link between global ice volume and atmospheric CO2 concentration.

Jasmine - Seminar Room (1010), 10th floor, M Building