Yumi Choi

Yumi Choi
PhD Student
  • M. S., Atmospheric Sciences, Pusan National University, 2011-2013
    • Theme: Interdecadal Change of Typhoon Occurrence and Genesis Location over the Western North Pacific
  • B. S., Atmospheric Environmental Sciences, Pusan National University, 2006-2011
Fellowships, Awards, and Honors
  • 2013 Global Ph.D. Fellowship Program from the NRF funded by the Ministry of Education (NRF–2013H1A2A1034227)
  • Best Student Poster Award in 2014 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
Research Interests
  • Tropical cyclogenesis
  • Sub-seasonal variability
  • Monsoon gyre dynamics

International Journals

  1. Yumi Choi, Kyung-Ja Ha, Chang-Hoi Ho, and Chul Eddy Chung, 2015: Interdecadal change in typhoon genesis condition over the western North Pacific, Climate Dynamics, 45(11-12), 3243-3255.
  2. Yumi Choi, Kyung-Sook Yun, Kyung-Ja Ha, Kwang-Yul Kim, Soon-Jo Yoon, and Johnny C. L. Chan, 2013: Effects of Asymmetric SST Distribution on Straight-Moving Typhoon Ewiniar (2006) and Recurving Typhoon Maemi (2003), Monthly Weather Review, 141(11), 3950–3967.
  3. Kyung-Sook Yun, Ki-Young Heo, Jung-Eun Chu, Kyung-Ja Ha, Eun-Jeong Lee, Yumi Choi, and Akio Kitoh, 2012: Changes in Climate Classification and Extreme Climate Indices from a High-Resolution Future Projection in Korea, Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 48(3), 213-226.

Domestic Journals

  1. Mincheol Moon, Yumi Choi, and Kyung-Ja Ha, 2016: Effect of Sea Surface Temperature Gradient Induced by the Previous Typhoon’s Cold Wake on the Track of the Following Typhoon: Bolaven (1215) and Tembin (1214), Atmosphere, 26(4), 635-647. (In Korean)